Thursday, January 22, 2015


After Robin Williams committed suicide one of my friends shared something that ended up being life changing for me.  

I'll link back to it later but will share the part that stuck with me  the most.

"celebrate everything."

Any accomplishment, no matter how "small".  

Getting out of bed. Taking a shower. Eating a balanced meal.  Taking the kids out in the cold ass weather to take a scooter ride.

Basically all of the "simple to most people" daily tasks that feel like giant hurtles when you are in a mentally and physically low place.

For anyone who feels like I'm a simpleton or that celebrating anything I do is over dramatic or intense, it's not only me who feels like celebrating ourselves is underutilized.

In Tara Mohrs Playing Big program she also talked about humans current associations with celebrating.  About how we feel like in order to celebrate it has to be something big (like a promotion, a baby, a new car, a wedding, a divorce, etc) and we celebrate these things usually with stress inducing/expensive parties, booze, treating ourselves to costly gifts.  We feel like we have to go big with the celebration because they happen so infrequent.

Since I read to celebrate everything I make it a conscious effort to do so.

And you know what, I've felt awesome.  Not to say there isn't still a struggle but I'm in a much more positive mind set and feel less down about myself because I take a moment to applaud myself when I do something good/difficult for me.

Ya know, instead of only beating myself up when I don't get something done.

Screw that, I'm over it.

Celebrate party peeps!  It's a good way to live!

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