Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I've given a new project thought for the past several months but had no idea how to bring the concept to fruition. 

I still don't.

I can tell you one thing I do know, not sharing it or talking about it is the only guaranteed way to have it never exist. 

Whenever I was down last year I would instinctively visit our Playing Big Facebook group page.  I would log onto Facebook and quickly go to the group because, as we all know, Facebook can make us feel good but we can also become very discouraged by the opinions/political beliefs of "friends" and be overly inundated with people trying to sell us stuff (sorry I'm not sorry!). 

Most likely if we are in a bad mood and see something negative, that's going to be the thing that sticks with us and helps us to spiral down that negative tunnel.

So, I would log onto Facebook and quickly divert myself to the beautiful Playing Big group and would instantly get a hit of what I needed. 

Reading the good that the women in the group were putting out there immediately made me feel better.  Not only the good they were doing, but the supportive response by other Playing Big members.  We all personally benefitted when we shared in each others triumphs. 

No matter how crap things were with the boys health, our finances, my hormones, etc. being able to see in real time what others were doing to improve the world made me feel hopeful, optimistic, and a part of something bigger and beautiful.

Once I recognized what I was doing with the Facebook page I recalled the knowledge that when MRI's are performed on brains with images of good deeds being done (the example I recall was a stranger sharing an umbrella with someone crossing a street), the brain being observed had the same response as if the actual patient had performed the good deed. 

In other words:  if you see something good being done for someone else, it will make you feel as good as the person who actually did it. 

This is how I conceived the idea of the "Small Good Deed Project". 

Here's the scope:

I would like to create a website that is similar to Twitter but instead of information sharing, it is good deed sharing.

Users will be able to create a profile (or be anonymous) and share a good deed that they have done.  

There will be a cap on how many characters (200/250) the user can enter.

The websites feed will be in chronological order but there will be a segment at the top, or side, that shows the most popular posts. 

There will be sharing options so the user can also post it directly to any of their other social media networks. 

There will be an option like a heart with a happy face so other users can show that they appreciated the good deed.  There will also be an option for users to share others deeds that they like. 

The point of this site will not be simply for people to visit when they need encouragement but to also be encouraged to do small good deeds of their own and share. 

I want everyone to know that at any given second in the day there is someone out there doing something as simple as opening a door for a stranger to as big as corporations sponsoring non profit events. 

I believe whole heartedly that this will encourage people not just when they need encouragement but it will also encourage people and companies to give more and to do more. 

Sharing one small good deed, will improve the world. 

Here's what I need:

Website development help.  I have no clue how to do this.