Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I woke up this morning to a Tony Robbins video on my browser that I couldn't watch last night because of an intense episode of Family Feud. 

From that Tony Robbins TED talk I hopped to a YouTube video.  From there I checked in online to the Fairfax County Public Library which brought me to "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. 

It was written in 1937...I've told you all briefly about the number 37.  How it keeps appearing and has for a couple years now.  How whenever it does, I know it means to become very aware. 

Anywho, I'm only on chapter 1 of the book but the preface by the publisher and the author both said the same thing about "the secret".  You'll get it in chapter 1, or the last chapter, or not at all if you aren't ready for it. 

I got it on chapter 1. 

The first sentence! 

I'm not trying to brag but tripping into this book today has reconfirmed everything I already knew because it has been appearing over and over and ... 

Thoughts become things.

The power of attraction.

Visualization becomes reality.

Something I learned a couple years ago stuck with me.  When hooked up to an MRI your brain has no idea if reality is real or if what you are imagining is real.  Coupled up with the "The Secret" of the Power of Attraction, the more good we think the more good that comes to us. 

Therefore, the more positive things we imagine the more used to feeling good we become and the more goodness we draw to ourselves. 


A few weeks ago one of my gf's came by and I showed her my new office/workshop.  I showed her my vision board

While I explained it to her and the opposing left (nature) and right (material) side I noticed the woman staring at me.

At the time I made this vision board I was 180+ lbs, had a broken foot and was an alcoholic pill popper (you know, because of the foot).  Being this woman was so unfeasible and seemed so far out of reach that whenever I looked at my vision board I resolved to being attracted to the model, that's why I clipped the picture.  To be that poised and elegant while doing something artistic seemed beyond uncharacteristic of me. 

As I stood in my office I became overwhelmed with happiness.  My girlfriend said, "your vision board was prophetic huh?.".  I kind of nodded my head and smiled but didn't agree because I had to dictionary.com "prophetic". 

She was totally right!

As the universes way of confirming it I recently realized that all of the artwork I have in my house of females, as shown below, the only face looking at me is of the woman I unknowingly wanted to evolve into.