Friday, December 20, 2013


In honor of my 35th birthday today I will share some facts, beliefs, and wishes:

1.  Since my birthday is so close to Christmas the shine of it isn't as bright.  This makes me a bad friend to have if you are really into your birthday.

2.  I have a magic wand in my spatula holder.  I think it supernaturally helps when I make food.

3.  For over a year now the number 37 keeps appearing.  Clocks, receipts, tv shows/movies, etc.  

4.  I share a birthday with Ryan's uncle.

5.  Our 5 year old shares a birthday with Ryan's mom.

6.  My mom shares a birthday with Ryan's grandma.

7.  Since having my own kids I think that birthdays should celebrate the mom, not the child.

8.  When my parents retired and moved up to Canada they let my sisters and I go through all the items they weren't bringing.  I got the grandfather clock that I wanted when they perished.  I'm glad I got it before they passed because I can enjoy it while they are still alive. 

9.  Rage Against the Machine is my favorite band.

10.  I believe water and music are magical and lift us to higher levels of consciousness.

11.  Fall is my favorite season.

12.  Caffeine was the worst withdrawal I've ever had. 

13.  Driving in the fall with coffee, loud music, and my boys is the most alive I feel.  It's also when I mind write.

14.  The Tao te Cheng is the spiritual writings I feel most connected to.

15.  Because of my beliefs and encounters with spirits I mourn the survivors, not the departed.

16.  I believe the afterlife is way easier than real life.

17.  I believe people can change.

18.  Since starting this blog I can truly grasp the meaning of, "The truth will set you free".

19.  Whenever I want to verify any news or get up to the second info I check on Twitter.  That's where I first learned of MJ's passing, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing capture, etc.

20.  Life keeps getting better with age. 

21.  I am fearful of wrinkles and my physical beauty fading although I know it wont happen overnight and the inside is what matters.  It's still difficult.

22.  I am honest to a fault and don't have the ability to sugar coat.  It's one of my best assets and the hardest thing for new friends to understand when it's first encountered. 

23.  I have felt an overwhelming physical sense of grief at the exact moments people in my family have passed.  Also for friends family members. 

24.  Just because I believe in the afterlife and that it's easier on the other side, it doesn't make having a physical being removed from your life less difficult.

25.  I believe if we lived in a world free of the haves and have nots we would have way less crime, war, incest, rape, murder, disease, substance abuse etc. 

26.  All life should be held in a higher regard than "things"

27.  I believe that my husband and I have had to "struggle" how we have recently as a way to point out what is important to focus on once we do have wealth.

28.  If I want to get real work done at home I don't take my shoes off.  Being in the mindset that I have to leave puts the fire under my bum and I can get stuff done.

29.  I do very thoughtful things for people because I'm afraid no one else will.

30.  The best time I've had in my life and most I've ever smiled was the surprise bachelorette party weekend my little sister and friends threw me. 

31.  The "Secret" and law of attraction works.

32.  I believe in kinesiology.

33.  I am living the life I always wanted and am absolutely grateful for it...even though it's hard sometimes I get how blessed we are.

34.  Opposites attract.

35.  My birthday wish is that you all share a piece of you.  Then listen.  People want to connect.  They want to know they aren't alone.  Something beautiful happens when you share and listen.