Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The 7 year itch.  We've all heard about it.  And those of us that have been in relationships for longer than 7 years know that it is not a myth.  It truly exists.

Now that I have lured you in, this post is not about the relationship itch, it is about the military itch.  Haha, fooled you!  I know it's not nice to laugh at you but as I wrote in my updated About Me, this blog is not about shock and awe.

Anywho, the typical military family moves between every 1 and 3 years.  For my Air Force family it was about every two and a half years.  I shared an intense poem with you HERE that was written at age 14 shortly after moving to my current location.

My parents moved us to Burke, VA in the summer of 1994.  I've been here since.  Well not in Burke, but within a 15 mile radius.  Between the ages of 17 (when I went out on my own) until we bought our home in 2009 I moved 11 times.  So about once a year.

In June we will celebrate 4 years in the first home we bought.  Which is the longest I have ever lived in one place.  And I'm still not ready to move!

This is huge for me because I actually had more trepidation about buying our home than I did about marrying my husband.  The thought of a legal contract that kept us stuck in the joint with no easy way out, like paying off a short term lease, was kind of terrifying to me.

We purchased our home through a bank sale and the closing date got pushed back (of course on the day of closing) which totally had me even more convinced that we were about to make a huge mistake.  I couldn't have been more wrong.

I can attribute not wanting to move to a few things.

A major one is that the value of our home keeps increasing so the longer we stay, the more cash monies we will get.  Plus if we sold the home we would have to pay the $8k first time home buyers credit back to the government.  Do you want to know how we spent that $8k? On a brand new HVAC because the day after we closed on the house the system died.  It was in our clause so we knew it was coming, we just didn't think it would happen while the ink was still wet on the six thousand signature pages.

Also, every year we do something aesthetic to the house in the spring.  One year it was a wall and flower bed with azalea bushes (my husband and I literally built a wall together!), the next was a kitchen floor and backsplash, and yesterday we had our door and shutters painted.

I used to love local moves because it was such a great opportunity to get rid of all the unneeded stuff we accumulated, including the stuff we moved from the last place to the current place that we never touched.  Since reading the Circle of Simplicity last fall and clearing out all of our clutter, I no longer need to move to go through all our crap.  As the book suggests now before bringing something into the house I drop off at least one thing to a donation box.  It's a great system!

I'm not saying we will never move, it's just so nice to finally be in a place where after 2 years I wasn't crawling out of my skin trying to find the next place.  See, people can change!

Gift from our Realtor (holler if you need a referral, she was beast!)

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