Thursday, February 21, 2013


It happened!  I want something.  I want it so bad.  Like nothing I've ever wanted before.

Yesterday my girlfriend and I toured a newly opened gym within walking distance.  We filled out a questionnaire that said to list our employer.  I point it out to my girl and we giggle as I wrote down "Husband".

Shortly after returning home from the gym tour I read the entries on my reading list.  One of the posts was by Tara Sophia Mohr.  She talked a bit about her upcoming program "Playing Big".  I first read about the 6 month program in December and was really into it.  Then I read the cost and became doubtful.  I forwarded the link to the most intelligent and professionally successful gal I know (who also knows my financial sitch) and asked what she thought.  Her response was that the course lessons seemingly could be very beneficial for years to come.  She also said some other positive things that encouraged me to keep thinking of the program as a possibility. 

I've been thinking about this course for these past few months and registration is going to start in March.  Yesterday I wanted that gym membership but it more made me realize just how much I want this course.  It has a 99% completion rate for God's sake!

My husband has never said no to me.  He makes it happen.  If I want something, it's mine.  But, I can't ask for something as expensive as the course.  I won't.  It will literally take money away from my employer's family.  Our dog has needed his teeth cleaned (and extracted) for about a year now but it is $1200 and we never have that much money at one time.  Actually, all of us need to go to the dentist.  We have a leak in our roof that desperately needs insulation, well obviously, but it has since we moved in which will cost $2k.  And we have a leak in our basement.  Both leaks started the same day.  Really.  In the roof and basement.  The same day!  Those are just a few examples of our lump sum money list of needs.  I could give you more but my eyes would start leaking and we can't have a leak on all three floors.

Doesn't matter our obligations, I still want it.  The more I read from Tara's site, the more I want it.  $165 a month is such a commitment to make.  But, I want it.  And I'm going to get it.


I sent an email to a major publication today asking if I can write an article for them and included a sample of what I would write.  I know that probably isn't the protocol but you would be amazed at where I got my band gigs just by doing what "felt right".  And sending that email felt right.  I'm going to be sending a lot more requests like that, and following the formal channels, because I need that monies to pay for that course.

As my husband always says, "Mama gets what Mama wants."  This time it will be with self employed monies though.  I can't wait to share with Tara how I started to play big just to join her Playing Big program.

It's going to happen party people, can you feel it?  


P.S.  I hope you weren't misled into thinking that thing I really wanted was a gym membership ;-)


  1. Wishing you lots of luck on this Marcia! I'm with you...people can't say yes if you never ask them!

    1. Thanks so much, Jen! It's going to be weird getting back into sales but at least I'm selling something I believe in. Myself. Wait, does that make me sound like a lady of the night?

  2. I love your attitude! You've inspired me!

    1. Martha, that means more to me than you'll ever know. I am excited to see your path unfold and hope you reach out if you ever need an encouraging word or reminder of your strength. You got this girl :)

  3. Wow - I love that you are charging toward what you want and hope you get responses for work soon :) I totally get what you are feeling and share your struggle with how am I going to come up with the extra $$$ when there seem to be so many things needed for home and family. This is exactly how I feel about holistic health training. I have not figured out all the how's and when's, for now just decided to stay focused on the goal and hope the path opens up in time. Good luck with everything! Going to check out Tara Mohr's site and blog more.

    1. Did you connect with her site?! Such a beautiful mission to build women up and encourage us to use our voices. Anna, I love that you have faith that your new career path will unfold as it should. I really believe that is the perfect path for you because of your optimistic and bright personality and need to make others feel well. Prayers and positive thoughts that all your signs are unmissable and perfect timing (which they always are right?)


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