Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Welcome to the third week of our new segment:

Tuesday's Threefold Tips, aka The Trip T's

There have been many an interesting and helpful tip taught to me, or read, that seem could benefit other human beings.  Instead of the ole fashiony way of telling someone once that tip moment arrives, let us prepare in advance and make some new, and hopefully useful, brain wrinkles.

The Trip T's for this week are:

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Has your windshield frozen over yet this winter?  Wouldn't it be nice to look outside when you are running late and see a clear windshield?  My beastie's husband figured out a combo just for this!  Mix 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water in a spray bottle (the Dollar Store sells little ones), spray on the outside of your windshield and wipe down.  (Thanks for the tip, Janie and Mike!) *Upon reading this Mike said it didn't work that well for him but it is well documented on the web. If you try it, let us know your results in the comments.

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Speaking of frozen... did you know buying frozen fruit is sometimes less expensive (if off season) and more nutritious than buying fresh?  When fruit is picked for freezing it is done so within 4 hours which preserves the nutrients.  Fresh fruits can travel from all over the world and lose a lot of it's nutritional value on the trip to your grocer.  Frozen fruits are perfect for smoothies.  And teething babes, too!  (Thanks Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution)

Since 2010, Target* has had kiosks for recycling various items in the front of the store.  There are kiosks for bags, glass, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans.  There is also a kiosk for cell phones, MP3 players, printer cartridges.  Since I kill a cell phone quarterly, this is awesome new news for me!

Now is the perfect opportunity to share that time/money/earth saving tip your mama, bestie, boss told you that you have wanted to shout to the world.

Why do this?  Because sharing is caring! 

Please send your tips via email findmyfelicity@gmail.com, DM on Twitter (@findmyfelicity), or message on Facebook.  Please add in the message how you would like your web cred (name, website, handle, picture, whateves). 

Thanks so much to everyone who has submitted tips!  I'm getting a fancy sized stock pile for future weeks.

*As stated in the mission, all opinions are my own and no cash monies are accepted for endorsing any products and/or companies.

The Trip T's for week 1 (shoe recycling, red wine, liquid eye liner)
The Trip T's for week 2  (freecycle.org, rice sock, baby wipes)


  1. Awesome tips this week! I love the frozen fruit suggestion and definitely appreciate the recycling at Target :)

    1. Thanks, Anna! A tip inside a tip. Every baby/toddler/kid that comes to my house gets frozen mango. They all love it and the older ones think it is ice cream or sherbert. Pineapple is great to trick them with too! :)

      Gotta love Target. Recycling AND community donations from each purchase!


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