Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Welcome to the second week of our new segment:

Tuesday's Threefold Tips, aka The Trip T's

There have been many an interesting and helpful tip taught to me, or read, that seem could benefit other human beings.  Instead of the ole fashiony way of telling someone once that tip moment arrives, let us prepare in advance and make some new, and hopefully useful, brain wrinkles.

The Trip T's for this week are:

Free Cycle is a free service that joins you with a group of registered participants in your community for giving and receiving items for free.  It's kind of like Craig's List but just for items; not jobs, missed connections, or SAHM looking for ABCD's (I made that up to not get in trouble).  You post what you want to ditch and people contact you if they are interested. You can also list something you want bi-weekly and group members let you know if they have it.  You can register and get more info at http://www.freecycle.org 

via www.huggies.com

 Baby wipe as a make up remover.  I have been using the Sensitive Huggies* brand on my face, and both boys bums, for four years now.  Most make up remover pads have alcohol that dries the skin and cost around 20 cents each. Wipes are around 2 cents each.

via www.shesimmers.com
Pour uncooked rice into a clean gym sock, tie a knot at the top, and heat in the microwave for 2-3 minutes (as advised by http://pregnancy.about.com/).  This makes a very useful shaped heating pad.  The rice sock is a great relief fror lower back pain, abdominal pain, headaches, shoulder pain, etc.  A few of my girls use this but the tip was provided for today's segment by Andrea.  Thanks, AA!

Hopefully this segment will be weekly, but your help is needed in collecting share worthy tips.  Please send your tips via email findmyfelicity@gmail.com, DM on Twitter (@findmyfelicity), or message on Facebook.  Please add in the message how you would like your web cred (name, website, handle, picture, whateves).

Since this is brand spanking new, now is the perfect opportunity to share that time/money/earth saving tip your mama, bestie, boss told you that you have wanted to shout to the world.

Why do this?  Because sharing caring!

*As stated in this sites mission, all opinions are my own and no cash monies are accepted for endorsing any products. 


  1. Great post! Free cycle is the coolest, right?!

    1. It is an awesome service! My neighbor asked for a handful of grass seed (not that kind of grass, Jen!) because of a small dead patch in her yard and had 5 offers within an hour. Gotta love it!

  2. I love the idea of this segment. I'm cringing at the fall out when someone catches me buying baby wipes, but I'm SO trying that.

    1. I literally lol'ed Karen! That's all you need to be buying with teenage sons. Let the rumor mill fire up! Maybe order online ;)

      Your segments (and Kimberly at sperk.com) encouraged this one. It's nice to have a set something for readers (and to keep me on track).

      Let me know if you think of any tips!


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