Monday, February 11, 2013


I get a gut feeling there is some concern for adding my name and picture to this site.  I understand the trepidation because it was there for me initially, too.  Hence the anonymity.

In regards to the initial full anonymity, it was due to sobriety struggles being such a prevalent part of my life.  I was unaware of how long it would be a main focus of the blog and how detailed it would get.  It has to be said that the verbal purging and chronicling of all things sobriety related assisted so much in fully accepting the lifestyle. 

This blog was never intended to disgrace my parents (if you were wondering about my About Me request for anon), or out them for any of my dysfunctions or misdeeds.  The anonymity request was more for their inability to understand sharing personal information in hopes for others to feel less alone or relatable.  That said, when I speak of my childhood, it is my perceptions of what happened and how the events are impacting my now life.  Over our sister trip last summer it was very apparent that we all have very different interpretations of our upbringings.  My parents did an absolutely amazing job raising 4 girls into responsible, respectful and caring women.  I am in awe that they did as well as they did (with as many of us as there were) and attempt to emulate their best attributes.

Deep down I knew there would be a "coming out" after telling my first girl about it 6 weeks after starting this blog.  If I was worried about the inability to filter myself appropriately I would have never told that first person, or second, or third, or you about the blog.

To date, if there was a doubt that something I wrote was too personal, it was forwarded to the party it was written about for their blessing.  If you ever get one these messages please know there is absolutely no offense taken if you request it not be published.  The act of writing does something for me, it helps provide clarity and heal, even if it isn't shared with the world.  Just this morning I wrote a poem that could be the best one ever but will never share it because of how personal it is.

Please be assured that I would never write anything that would compromise someone's identity or privacy.  Especially my birth and chosen family.  These bonds are sacred to me and will be honored to the best of my ability.

Since I started to write I also started to read a lot.  Some of what I read from others about their families and friends makes me extremely uncomfortable and feel like boundaries were crossed.  I keep coming across these writings from various authors and it serves as a gentle reminder of this blog's purpose.  It isn't a means for me to get attention, make money, or start a career.  This blog is meant for growing through sharing.  Definitely not shock and awe.  Although we all know I have them, you wont get scandalous photos or stories. I'll save that for fiction ;0)  jk party people!

I truly hope this post provides some clarity on why no one should be concerned about the un-anonymity.  And if you are still concerned, please let me know why.  I could be missing something.

I added my name and picture to better connect with you love bugs.  It is also a great reminder to keep some things guarded.  Hopefully you can feel me better now.



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    1. Sorry again, Mama, I'm a ding dong. Thanks for the kind words and my apologies for accidentally deleting your comment. That's not very connect worthy...doh!

  2. Wow - great post. I totally get it. When I first started my blog, I went back and worth with this as well. I'm a very private person but writing and anything creative really, is extremely personal. I think it takes time to settle in and figure out what's ok and what's not for you. I think this is why most of my post are on my own passions, struggles and day to day and not so much about my son or anyone else. I'm ok with telling my own story. I love that you felt it was time to add your picture and name, I've really grown to love your writing and it did make me feel a little more connected now but I totally understood wanting to keep things private as well.

    1. Anna you make my heart warm! How wild is it I was reading your blog while you were reading mine? What you commented about your blog is the words I was looking for: "Im ok with telling my own story." Beautiful my soul sister!

  3. Strong work. Strong you are. It takes courage to confront our demons and then tell them, "I am not your prisoner anymore". It was a pleasure to meet you tonight. xoxo


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