Saturday, October 27, 2012


What are we supposed to do when we hear of incomprehensible things happening to people?  Circumstances that no one should ever be put through in life.  Situations you hear about that make you feel like you are going to crack, so you cant even start to comprehend the pain of the directly affected people.
Hearing of recent unfathomable events caused a 3 step process for me.  I cried, I prayed and then I got proactive.

I pray(ed) that God will heal the involved. That God will take away some of the pain that is being inflicted on the family.  That everyone be sympathetic and not say anything that is insensitive.  That there be no judgement of the people that are experiencing hurt.  I pray that friends and family not harm themselves in toxic environments and activities trying to find clarity for what is happening, as I used to do.  And that they realize quickly that sometimes there is just no good reason for horrible things that happen.

This morning I prayed that I be guided to do the right thing and to make the right decisions.  My answers were that I have to fully accept what is happening.  I have to realize that it is ok to cry and to feel helpless that no matter how bad I want to take and process a tiny bit of that enormous pain from that person, that it is not possible.  That repressing my sadness will result in negative energy that will effect my mental and physical health, which will eventually effect my treatment of family, friends and strangers. 

To honor the pained people, I was guided to enjoy the beautiful things in my life.  Initially that thought seemed very selfish.  But then I thought about if I were in a similar situation, what someone could do to help alleviate my pain.  The answer was not for them to hurt themselves, or be mad at God for putting us in our predicament.  It would be that they would take stock of what they have, and truly recognize the depth of their blessings.  Instead of them thinking, "What if this happened to me?", they look at one of their loved ones and feel their importance radiate through them. 

It is impossible to prevent certain types of pain from entering the lives of our loved ones, friends, and strangers.  It is possible, however, to transform the pain we feel for them into appreciation for what we have.  If we can maintain our positivity, I believe we can truly help the greater good.  My prayers for all of you who are feeling pain right now.   

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